Turnils Awnings

Turnils Awnings

Turnils Blinds, known for their European design and engineering excellence, are specialists in crafting premium Folding Arm Awnings. These awnings are meticulously manufactured using only the finest materials and are the result of the expertise of skilled professionals with impeccable skills and extensive experience in the field.

The distinguishing features of Turnils Folding Arm Awnings include their outstanding design, high-performance capabilities, unwavering reliability, and user-friendly installation process. When it comes to value for your investment, Turnils Folding Arm Awnings stand as a benchmark that’s truly hard to surpass.

Across the picturesque landscape of Turnils Folding Arm Awnings serve as an embodiment of elegance and style. They have the remarkable ability to enhance the façade of every home they grace. By choosing Turnils, you not only elevate the functionality of your outdoor space but also make a statement of sophistication and refinement that complements your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Turnils Cabrera XL

The Cabrera XL is the market’s slimmest full cassette folding arm awning system, perfect for smaller spaces, and it offers exceptional durability. With fully motorised features, it can be controlled through automatic smart home sensors or a remote control for effortless use in any location.

Sirocco FA22 Piccolo

The Piccolo folding arm awning, the latest addition to the Turnils blinds family. This affordable and versatile entry-level model combines a compact design with a maximum width of up to 5 meters, making it an excellent choice for smaller spaces while its streamlined design complements various settings seamlessly.

Sirocco FA42 Classic

The Sirocco FA42 Classic combines enduring quality and Swedish precision engineering for reliable performance. Its robust wind resistance and range of frame colours, including white, silver, and black, make it a versatile choice for harmonizing with your surroundings while optional installation choices ensure a seamless fit into your space.

Turnils FA44 (+45/46)

The FA 44 retains the robustness of its predecessor, the FA 42, while placing a stronger emphasis on aesthetics with features like pressure diecast end brackets and refined mounting brackets. The FA 45, known as the ‘Cross-Over’ variant, offers innovative cross-over arms for broader projection in confined spaces, and the FA 46 stands out with an integrated fabric support beam, improving clearance in lower installations and wind resistance.

Sirocco FA48 Semi-Cassette

The Turnils Sirocco semi-cassette folding arm awning, FA48, combines modern elegance with practicality, offering fabric protection and a polished appearance. With a wind rating of up to 49 km/hr and an adjustable pitch control, it provides versatile shading options and automated retraction for convenience and safety.

Viento Semi-Cassette FA58

The FA58 Viento Semi-Cassette folding arm awning stands out with its elegant design, featuring a curved hood for fabric and component protection and full motorisation as a standard feature. It offers a generous projection of up to 4 meters, a maximum width of 6 meters, and optional telescopic supports for added stability when fully extended.

Why Us?

Superior Quality

Our blinds and screens are built to last using only the best fabrics, components and materials. It’s no wonder our reputation for superior quality workmanship is unrivalled.

Exceptional Service

Anyone can supply a product—it’s exceptional customer care and stellar after-sales service that sets us apart. From fast response times, to tailored advice, we exceed expectations.

Family Owned

Owned and run by the Vandeligt brothers, you can trust our family to deliver only the best for yours. If we wouldn’t install a product in own our house, it’s not good enough for yours.

30 Years' Local Experience

With 30 years’ experience, no job is too big or too small. And, as you’re buying direct from a local manufacturer, your custom-made window coverings deliver a perfect fit, every time.