Roller Shutters

Aesthetically Pleasing Security Shutters

Roller shutters (also known as security shutters) turn your home into a fortress, while still maintaining aesthetic appeal. Roller shutters sit on the exterior of your property, preventing intruders from entering in through weak spots, like windows. If you’re picturing prison-style corrugated iron, think again. Many of our customers opt for roller shutters just because they like the design—ask us about some design options today! Clark’s Blinds & Screens can assist you with an entire house or just one roller shutter. With manual or motorised operation and numerous colours and feature stripes to choose from, we can customise a roller shutter that perfectly suits your home’s facade. If aesthetics and security aren’t enough to sway you, consider the fact that window roller shutters help keep your energy bill down. Security shutters add another layer of insulation to your windows, which means your house stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer. That means less cooling and heating, which means less power usage, a lower carbon footprint and more money in your back pocket.

Roller Shutters – The Technical Stuff

All our roller security shutters are built to withstand Melbourne’s extreme weather conditions, from the searing heat of summer, right through to the drenching rains of winter. That’s why all our shutters feature:


  • Tough, interlocking aluminium slats that are rust and corrosion resistant
  • A coating of baked, fade-resistant enamel to keep colours and patterns looking as bright and bold as new
  • Slats that are double-ribbed, which increases their strength in the face of tough winds

Benefits of Security Shutters

  • Incredible insulation that doesn’t just keep the cold and heat out—the extra layer also protects you from noisy neighbours, hotted-up cars, fighting possums and anything else that wants to disturb your peace and quiet
  • If you’re unlucky enough to have your bedroom right underneath a street light, or maybe you’re just a fussy sleeper, you’ll love the total blackout effect our roller shutters provide. You can enjoy a full night’s sleep in complete darkness knowing you are also 100% safe
  • There are some heavily forested areas around the South East Suburbs and Gippsland, and the people of these areas live with the threat of fire almost every summer. Flames spread into homes via embers, and if you have roller shutters, you can prevent them from entering in through your windows

Features and Benefits of Our Roller Shutters:



Specially engineered curved 42mm profile with roll tight design.
Profile rounds round and tight around axle ensuring smallest pelmet sizes are always used.
Profiles are roll-formed in Australia by experienced technicians and engineers under strict quality control procedures.
You get Australia’s highest quality roller shutter profile which rolls up and down smoothly and sits straight.
High-grade aluminium alloy (3005H46) that provides superior mechanical properties.
Profile maintains its shape and integrity ensuring years of hassle-free operation.
Polyurethane/Polyamide paint system with 2 coats and an abrasion-resistant layer.
‘The King’ of paint systems. This results in a deeper colour with marking free properties (coin test). Deterioration is prevented by the polyamide granules on the surface coating.
Strong corrosive resistance due to paint containing anticorrosive pigments.
This results in increased longevity or our roller shutters.
UV resistance additives which guarantee high resistance to colour fading.
Colour and gloss stability ensuring a fantastic finish for years to come.
High-quality aluminium guide and bottom bar with thick superior powder coating paint finish.
Colour stability and protection against the harsh Australian elements.
Anodised Aluminium Axles are supplied as standard.
This eliminates the possibility of high corrosion when you have two different metals in contact.
Sealed bearings are supplied as standard.
The bearings won’t seize up offering increased durability and longevity as well as smoother operation.
Assembled on automatic machines with ‘Lock Punch’ end clip.
This ensures the longevity of your roller shutter curtain (no staples that can deteriorate over time).
Our shutters are made in Australia by Shutter Connection Australia
Made to suit Australian conditions.
We use high-quality CW Products Tubular Motors for our 240v motorised roller shutters.
This means you get a reliable motorised product that is backed by a 5-year warranty.

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