External Blinds & Awnings

External Blinds are a great way to cool your home down and save you money on electricity! With a style that is sure to suit your application and a finish that’s certain to look great you can trust Clark’s Blinds & Screens for all of your outdoor blind needs. Please see the links below for each style of outdoor blind available and the application it is ideal for.

  • Automatic awnings, also known as canvas awnings, are an external blind that has stood the test of time. Now available in numerous different materials and finishes, you no longer need to get the ‘old fashioned’ look of striped canvas with scallops.
  • With technological advances in UV protecting materials, you can now get your awnings in a see through, privacy mesh known as Vistaweave and still block around 95% of the damaging and heat carrying UV rays. If you like your room dark then more traditional canvas or acrylic is also available. All Clark’s Awnings come standard with colourbond hooding to make every blind look complete.
  • Fixed guide awnings are ideal for second storey applications where the traditional pull-down stick of the automatic awning will not work. Using a similar guide system to the automatic awning, the fixed guide can be operated by rope and pulley, manual crank or motorisation.
  • Available in canvas, vistaweave mesh and acrylic, you will be sure to find a fabric option and colour to suit your home.
  • Straight drop blinds are perfect for enclosing and protecting outdoor areas such as a verandah or pergola from the harsh Australian summer. Straight Drop Blinds also have a maximum width of 6 metres so you can fill in almost any opening without having to split the blind and create gaps.
  • Straight Drop Blinds can be operated by either spring or manual crank and are available in canvas, vistaweave mesh, acrylic and clear or tinted PVC.
  • The Alpha cable guide blind is also known as a wire guide blind. It is part of a revolutionary new range of external blinds developed by Hunter Douglas that mean you can have matching components and hooding on all of your external blinds.
  • Cable guide blinds are ideal for use in tight spaces or where you would like to keep a sleek looking blind that doesn’t impede on the external facade of your home. With a manual crank option or motorisation you can be sure your wire guide blind is going to look good and keep your home cool.
  • The alpha cable guide blind is also available in canvas, acrylic, vistaweave mesh and clear or tinted PVC.
ZIPTRAK BLINDS        Ziptrak-Logo-130
  • Ziptrak Blinds are the ultimate in outdoor patio blinds. Using a side retention system this manually or electronically operated blind fully seals down the sides providing complete protection from the elements all year round.
  • Available in acrylic, vistaweave mesh and clear or tinted PVC, the Ziptrak blind can be customised to give you the perfect winter or summer outdoor area. Also with the option of motorisation the panel blind is easily operated by a touch of a button making it ideal for the elderly or those just wishing to make things a little easier.