Roman Blinds

  • Roman Blinds are a sophisticated, contemporary look suitable for most rooms in any home. With their distinct clean linear appearance, contemporary roman blinds can be used to dress up a feature window or be customised to blend in with any decor.
  • Roman Blinds are available in a massive array of textured or flat tone fabrics that come in blending, earthy tones or bright, vibrant colours that can make a feature out of any window.
  • Here at Clark’s Blinds & Screens we use very high quality aluminium backed roman blinds which means your blind is made out of one single piece of fabric and as is the case with more traditional sewn romans, you don’t get the stitch lines either side of the batten. Our roman blinds can be fitted with either a heavy duty cord lock or deluxe chain control making for easy operation of any size blind.
  • Roman blinds can also be used in conjuction with an e-screen to provide the ultimate in elegance and privacy. With the e-screen fitting neatly into the window recess the roman blind can provide for up to 95% light blockout when fitted correctly.