Vertical Drapes

  • Vertical Drapes, more commonly known only as ‘verticals’, are a budget friendly way of keeping your privacy while still allowing you to control the amount of light in your room.
  • Utilising the traditional concept of a drape, verticals can be customised to draw left, right or be centre opening, making them ideal for sliding doors. With durable, easy to clean fabrics and modern advances such as chainless weights, verticals are an almost maintenance free option perfect for investors and budget conscious home-owners alike.
  • With 3 sizes of slat, 89mm, 100mm and 127mm, you can be sure a vertical will fit almost any window. Verticals are also one of the only window furnishings suitable for cathedral windows and in most cases we can make roller blinds out of the same fabric so you can use both verticals and holland blinds in the same area and not have it look out of place.