Roller Blinds

  • Here at Clark’s Blinds & Screens we manufacture all of our Holland blinds on-site in our Pakenham factory out of only the highest quality components and fabrics. This allows us to offer an un-paralleled level of quality control and after sales service you won’t experience anywhere else.
  • Roller Blinds, also known as ‘blockouts’, ‘holland blinds’ or ‘e-screens’, are a sleek, modern and cost-effective way to dress up any home. We can customise your Holland blinds with a vast array of fabrics and bottom finishes that will suit the most modern home or even a period style cottage.
  • One of the key benefits of roller blinds is the array of fabrics and finishes that are available. Roller blinds can be done in 100% blockout, translucent or mesh materials. Each having their own features and benefits that are outlined below.
This option gives you the largest range of fabrics and styles to choose from. These range from cost-effective, easily maintained “standard fabrics” to softer, white backed and textured fabrics that can be used to make a feature of any window. Blockout roller blinds come standard with a anodised silver aluminium bottom rail but there are many different colours or sewn bases that can be used to customise the blind to your home.
Translucent roller blinds use light filtering materials that give privacy to any room while still allowing a relaxing soft light to enter. Translucent roller blinds are ideal for living areas where there is no need to darken the room but a there is a need to keep your privacy throughout the day.
Mesh roller blinds, also known as E-Screens are a great way to keep absolute privacy during the day without spoiling the view through your window. E-Screen mesh comes in a very large range of colours with one to suit any decor. All of our e-screen mesh range features UV protecting properties that is designed to not only reduce glare on your eyes but protect your carpet and furniture from fading.